Quick Update

Been having a bit of trouble uploading the past few days so things will be slow with weeklies prioritized, add the fact that I’m out tomorrow, Wednesday & Thursday to make things extra slow (Tuesday & Thursday the usual friends as if we don’t regularly hang out we’d end up having mental breakdowns as we both have mental conditions and don’t have many other friends, and Wednesday he and I will be going to watch Spider-man 😀 ). I just want to try and keep people in the know so they aren’t thinking I’m dead or something 😀


Sorry People Just Need To Vent A Little

Fuck DPD! OK I feel a little better now, remember the computer trouble well the DPD (UK) sent an email yesterday saying that they were picking it up today between 9:00-17:00 and due to this throat infection I have I haven’t been able to sleep very well the past few days so on two hours of sleep I made sure I was up by 9 waiting only for them to send me an email at 12 saying, and I quote, “We can confirm that your request to change the date of your [company name] collection to 20 February has been accepted.” Which confused the hell out of me as I’ve just been sitting here coughing up a storm with a throat that feels like I swallowed glass feeling like crap so I know I hadn’t contacted anyone.


I’ve mentioned my issues before, they prevent me talking to people on the phone which holds me back a lot in life for example I’m a nearly 32 year old man that still lives with his parents because I need my mother to do all the phone stuff for me, so we finally manage to get hold of someone at DPD customer service on the phone about two hours after the email they sent me to eventually find out from them that they had to cancel the collection as they couldn’t get a driver out here. You know what I can understand that it’s a small village we aren’t really a priority to anyone (see last year’s internet trouble for more proof of that) but don’t fucking tell me that it was changed at my request when it bloody wasn’t.


On top of all that rage this laptop, the old one I’m using as my current is in it’s box waiting to be collected, seems to blue screen on average two times a day at random, it’s like five years old and hardware fails so I understand that but it’s still annoying/upsetting, I’m starting to feel down again like I did when we were having internet trouble last year so I just want to let you know if things get slow/stop that’s why and I’m sorry.


Hey if you want to buy me a temporary laptop that doesn’t crash on average they are around £300, send to paypal.me/JP317, for anyone wondering that is a joke I don’t expect anyone to buy me a laptop but if you want to I wouldn’t say no 😛 (also I kinda have to make dumb jokes at the moment or I’ll end up having a breakdown).


Thanks for letting me rant, I love you all.


Small issue, my computer needs to be sent off for repairs so for, apparently, 2-3 weeks I have to use my old one that is barely holding it together. I made the hardsub but for whatever reason it refuses to compress the video at all (I’ve played around with settings in a couple of different programs even if I set it to aim for a target file size it still comes out large). So during this time the hardsubs will be larger than usual but when I get my good computer back I’ll remake this small batch.

Yes I did just copy/paste what I wrote in the comments of Excite Subs comments section for anyone feeling like they’ve read this before 😝

Requests 2: The Requestening

There is a new page for requests, please make sure to read everything on that page as it’ll make things easier for me AND all of you. I will be enforcing those rules because I’m a stickler for rules, I used to love those things in school and just think it’s not long until it’s been half my life I’ve been out of school 😥


Anywho love you all and keep being awesome and there is a couple of things (OK that’s a lie there is currently one thing) that I haven’t listed on that page that I’d like to work on but I’m waiting on an OK from the person doing that before I put it on the backlog list, that’s what I should’ve named it but I can’t be bothered to change it now 😛

Finally ready to update and requests.

So as people may have noticed about two weeks ago our Internet was finally fixed, we are now getting like 40/2 as that is your average fibre speeds for a relatively rural village in England, apparently.


Anyway as you may have, or may not have who knows, noticed I’ve been working on a bit of a backlog of requests, like tinyhenshin’s Magiranger and Free Joker’s Go-Busters are up and I’m currently working on OZC’s release of OOO. I might redo OZC’s W after as I wasn’t too happy with the quality of it and it was more done that way due to the fact it I made it any better it would’ve taken forever to upload on my old connection and also a big reason as to why I’ve been putting off OOO until now (as speed wasn’t the only issue then, it would disconnect too) but that is a might and is low on the priorities list. I also have to finally start on OT’s Timeranger and KIT’s Kamen Rider. As for Carranger Haro mentioned in their episode 48 release post, found here, that they are redoing episodes 1-10 with newer translations, as well as all episodes before 23 to match the typesetting from after that and they have the Car vs Oh movie so I’d prefer to wait until that batch is out before I start work on that. Also while I don’t think it’s been requested, maybe it has and I’m forgetting, I’ll probably start on FJ’s Boukenger after it’s been finished, unless I have some major free time then I guess I could start work on it before then, who knows.


I think that addresses all the requests so far if I’m forgetting some or if you have any other requests could you post them here as it’ll make it easier for me, thanks.


EDIT – I’m going to have to add a couple of little stipulations, first it has to be “real” subs that have no hardsubs available, by real subs that mean something a group has worked on and put effort in so no HKs or the like, secondly these are requests so if you’d be so kind to put some effort in and link me the group’s site, Twitter, a name or just something, third and finally (for now) comments quite often need to wait for approval before they show up, more so for a first time commenter but it can happen at random sometimes, spamming will just get you ignored.

March 29th Update

As mentioned in the last update the downtime got pushed back a week so we were told that our internet would be down for 2 days from last Wednesday. We then got a message from them Thursday saying that the work was completed quicker than expected and we were up and running, only for us to get home to no internet access. We called and they were confused as to why we couldn’t connect apparently it turns out we were crossed into someone else’s connection or something, they were vague and not very forthcoming with information, and because it was a bank holiday weekend they couldn’t get an engineer out. We are currently on day 7 of no internet access and today they told us that they couldn’t get an engineer out until next week, the fifth to be exact, and they were told that is not acceptable and something has to be done before then.


Personal rant/meltdown inc:

If you have checked my Twitter for info, or hell looked at my profile picture, you’ll probably know I’m a wrestling fan well this Sunday is a big show, Wrestlemania, and I pay for a streaming service so that I can watch all of WWE’s special shows live, and this show is their biggest of the year, I can not not watch it. I also use the internet, be it YouTube, Twitch or whatever, for like 90% of my viewing entertainment so as you can imagine I am stressed out and frustrated beyond belief. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned may times already I have anxiety issues and mental health conditions, more than I can name right now, and the stress of all this caused me to have an anxiety/panic attack the other day and I still have very high levels of anxiety and feel like I’m on the edge of another attack pretty much all the time, it affects my moods and sleep and I’m sure I’m not fun to be around when I’m like this.


I guess I didn’t realise how much I relied on the internet for everything, including a couple of relationships as I have friends that I only really communicate with online that I haven’t been able to  talk too also, until now and TBH I don’t know how much longer I can cope without completely losing my mind. I know that may sound dramatic but unfortunately that is my emotional state right now and now to jump even further into the over sharing pit I feel like I’m having a bit of an emotional breakdown right now as I type all this (at a friends place that I can only get to twice a week). I hate the ISP (PlusNet if you want to know) and I hate BT for their asinine and backwards way of providing broadband and how long it takes them to get problems, they create, fixed.


Sorry for rambling.

Quick Update + 17th of March Update

Tomorrow is the day, out Internet will be down from tomorrow and they said that it’ll be back up by Friday at the latest, hey nice birthday present I guess 😀
So yeah the new Zyuohger ep that was uploaded today could be the last thing I upload until Friday/Saturday, you know depending on what time it comes back up and how busy I am that day.


EDIT: So we got a message from the ISP yesterday, after not having the Internet go down and them saying things like “It’ll happen in the next 12 hours.” saying that an engineer has to do something at the cabinet so it’s been pushed back a week so it’ll go down next Tuesday/Wednesday – Thursday/Friday. As I’m sure you understand I’m quite annoyed with all this messing us about, it doesn’t help (and here come that over sharing part of me) with my anxiety disorder. I’ve had “always on” broadband since it was available in our area like 10 years ago (small villages am I right?) so I’ve been anxious about being without it (we have brought a prepaid mobile internet hotspot so I can at least browse but it won’t be able to really down or upload anything, I think I mentioned looking into it or something in the last post). So yeah I’ve already been having some issues just with the thought of being without it and not being able to know exactly when things will go down and come back up bout it being pushed back has made that worse, I just want it over and done with 😥 /Over sharing