It’s Takedown Time Again

OK so I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times so for the time being I’m going to just link th9se here but all of Zero-One, Ryusoulger and some of Zi-O (which killed the folder link) have been taken down by a email address. I’m trying to find a replacement site but nothing seems to keep things up indefinitely, have folder sharing and have a large free amount of space (if you know one let me know).


Currently there are links for just the most recent episodes on the Over-Time blog. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.


EDIT: OK so I mentioned requirements for a new file sharing site but to be more specific I currently have about 23 (I did a quick count) MEGA accounts as they limit space to 20GB now, it used to be 50 😭 And the 20 limit is a pain for the simple reason that you average Kamen Rider or Sentai series is around 16~17GB so you can’t have one account to upload both weeklies on as by the time you hit the latter half of one season you are out of space on the account so it kinda needs like a minimum of 40GB free storage space, as well as allowing for folders and them to be shared otherwise the folders tab here become pointless as there is no way I’m going to make it a complete mess by sharing individual links, that would be a nightmare to deal with and look at. And the keeping up indefinitely thing is mainly because I don’t actually keep the videos I make as the originals will always have at least slightly better video quality and I don’t have enough external storage to keep them both (so unless someone wants to buy me something stupid like some 4TB HDDs we’re SoL on that front too 😝).

Don’t we love Takedowns?

So recent Zi-O and Ryusoul got flagged so as well as zipping them with randomly generated/keyboard mashing names I’m also encrypting them now too. I know just putting the password out there could defeat the purpose of encrypting but if I don’t how will people unzip them 😝 So yeah if you want to watch Zi-O or Ryusoul the password for the zips is very simple it’s just Over-Time


EDIT –  So a couple of people have been having issues, I think it might have something to do with how Windows Explorer handles encrypted zips anyway I use 7-Zip to make them so I’d also recommend for extracting as that should cause the least issues, no need to worry it’s a free program that doesn’t have any hidden crap in it or anything like that. To be honest I may in future just start using the .7z which is a 7-Zip specific format to avoid these issues as then no one will be able to try using Windows Explorer to access the files when that will just cause more issues 😆 Anyway I hope this helps.

The Countdown

Yes I’m copy/pasting as I’ve been really ill all week and I can’t be arsed with life right now TBH:


Stuff got taken down again, I’m pretty sure if that happens again to this account it’s dead, which means all the legacy accounts are dead, which means that’ll be the end of ddls 😭 I literally mashed the keyboard for a name this time.

Another One Bites the Dust

Another Mega account is gone, the one that had Zi-O and Lupin Vs Pat. I’m going to have to make some changes so apologies in advance for anyone that streams the videos as I’m going to have to upload everything going forward in a .zip with a weird name to see if that will help avoid takedowns as I know I’ve said it before but I really am running very short on legacy Mega accounts, which are kinda needed for weeklies.


So Zi-O is currently going up but LuPat will take a while considering this happened at the worst time of the week for encoding as weeklies will take priority.

Mega Update

I meant to write this a few days ago but life got in the way. All I really wanted to say is that even if I lose all legacy accounts that doesn’t mean things will stop completely.

Weekly wise I wouldn’t be able to release stuff on Mega but if that happens I guess I’ll have to start releasing the “unofficial” stuff as torrents or something but when a series ends I can make a new Mega account and put the entire series up then. Oh I should inform people that may not know Mega used to give you 50gb on all free accounts but, I think it was early 2018 maybe even longer ago, now accounts have 15gb of space but for signing up you get 35gb extra, making the original 50gb, for one month. And so far they haven’t deleted anything for being over the 15gb limit after the month ends (I hope I explained it well enough as I suck at writing things out, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask).

Update on LuPat and Zi-O, copy/paste from OT comments.

And everything is down again and that account has been terminated, that was an old legacy account that still had the 50gb storage which made it great for weeklies as they will go over the 15gb that you get on new accounts (you get 50gb for like the first month and then it drops). I don’t have many legacy accounts left so to be honest I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep doing ddls if the accounts get suspended like they are recently 😢

It will take a lot longer for me to get things back up now as I have to find another legacy account that has stuff that’ll never need to be added to, move all that to a fresh account and then reup all of Zi-O & LuPat (while also remaking some stuff as I don’t keep everything as I have limited HDD space.

I’ll be honest this sort of thing is infuriating and tedious to deal with, things will be up when they are up and there is no timeframe I can give for them right now.

Things were down, now they should be back up

Practically all of Zi-O and a lot of LuPat were down for a bit but like the title says they are back up now but errors can sometimes pop up in batch encodes and uploads so let me know wherever (here, Twitter, O-T’s Discord are probably the easiest places) if you notice something wrong or the like. Oh and this also means that most of Zi-O now won’t match up with the torrents, just FYI.