Update on LuPat and Zi-O, copy/paste from OT comments.

And everything is down again and that account has been terminated, that was an old legacy account that still had the 50gb storage which made it great for weeklies as they will go over the 15gb that you get on new accounts (you get 50gb for like the first month and then it drops). I don’t have many legacy accounts left so to be honest I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep doing ddls if the accounts get suspended like they are recently 😢

It will take a lot longer for me to get things back up now as I have to find another legacy account that has stuff that’ll never need to be added to, move all that to a fresh account and then reup all of Zi-O & LuPat (while also remaking some stuff as I don’t keep everything as I have limited HDD space.

I’ll be honest this sort of thing is infuriating and tedious to deal with, things will be up when they are up and there is no timeframe I can give for them right now.

Things were down, now they should be back up

Practically all of Zi-O and a lot of LuPat were down for a bit but like the title says they are back up now but errors can sometimes pop up in batch encodes and uploads so let me know wherever (here, Twitter, O-T’s Discord are probably the easiest places) if you notice something wrong or the like. Oh and this also means that most of Zi-O now won’t match up with the torrents, just FYI.

Lupinranger VS Patranger – 31

Copy/paste from O-T


So I did one encode the way I usually do sentai encodes then the second with the way I’ll be doing Zi-O, the first is smaller but worse quality with no change to resolution and the second is larger (around 100mb) it looks better and is 720p. I’m wondering if I should go back and redo all of Lupin V Pat the new way or keep it the old way? I’ll leave this up to the people but just know that whatever the outcome for this season I’ll be switching over to the second version next season as I’ve finally found a quality:size ratio I’m happy with.


Just leave a comment below with what you’d prefer for the rest of LvP, thanks. So I noticed only a few people have wanted to comment, and that’s fine, I wonder if more people would respond to a poll instead (you know typing can be a pain, I understand) so here you go https://www.strawpoll.me/16439305 (If I only get three votes there then I know it’s just that only three people care and that’s cool too 😆)

Takedowns Part 2

OK so most recent 4 episodes of LvP are up and Build is currently uploading the missing episodes, then the rest of LvP should be going up as I’m currently re-encoding it all as I type.


If by, say, Monday these are things missing from either folder (in other words if I’ve missed something) please let me know by replying to this post as that’ll just make things easier for me. If something comes up and I don’t think I’ll be able to get everything back up by Monday I’ll try to edit this post to let you know.


Side note to the powers that be: fun fact these are made really for english speakers not natives and I’m sure you get sales you wouldn’t otherwise from overseas so if they were legit takedowns I plead to your wallets please don’t do it again. I love you ❤️️😄 (now should I Google translate that into Japanese? Nah that’d make things work and all this “bit” is really for is to give me a bit of a laugh).


So today, July 10th 2018, all of Lupin vs Pat and most of Build have been taken down due to a copyright claim from a seemingly legit source (it’s a toei.co.jp email address) but I’m not sure why only some Build stuff is down and not all of it 😕


Anyway at the end of the day getting everything back up will take time, sorry for the inconvenience this may cause but to be fair it’s bloody inconvenient for me too 😝

Kinda Disapointed I Have To Do This

OK so a couple of times over the last month or two I’ve had to delete some comments, some making requests on the download folders page and some on the actual requests page itself that blatently ignored the set up rules there. For those that don’t know, or don’t understand, [which is fine just read and hopefully you will] this is just a place where I share links of hardsubs, in otherwords files that have subtitles burned into the video itself so that older computers, video players and devices don’t have problems displaying the subs, that I have made (with the ok from the people that originally make the subs).


So as listed on the requests page please don’t request things that already have hardsubs (generally hardsubs are in MP4, or if people are living in the stone age AVI 😛 , format so if you see those please don’t ask). And there is a requests page for a reason so don’t request things on the folders page (letting me know things are down on there is fine).


OK I think that’s enough rambling for 2:20 am, oh if you have done one of the above things don’t worry about it, you don’t have to say you’re sorry or anything if you feel the need to apologise just do it by following the rules and we are all cool. Much love ❤


I’m lazy, I make stuff, I upload stuff, I ignore stuff 😛 So if anything is down it’s good to let me know. For an example Ex-Aid & Dekaranger are currently in the process of being reencoded and uploaded as the Mega account they were on got flagged for copywrite three times and so it got deleted (the first two happened during Ex-Aid’s run, I’m not sure why Ex-Aid seems to be a problem when the other shows aren’t). The positive of putting 2-3 shows on any one account is if something does get taken down I don’t have to redo everything and the negetive is that I’ve had to make so many email accounts for the different Mega accounts that it’s hard to keep up with them and see when this stuff happens 😀


So yeah it’ll take a little bit of time, on a side note it’ll take a little more time than I originally planned as about halfway through encoding Excite’s version of the series I thought I’d check OZC considering I had to redo everything anyway. So with good luck Ex-Aid should be back up by the end of the weekend, with bad luck maybe a little over a week anywho much ❤ to you all.


EDIT:- Just to keep everyone informed I’m doing it as a batch that HandBrake dumps the foles out directly in the MegaSync folder so the file will upload automaticly then all I have to do is copy it from the MegaSync folder in the Mega account to the Ex-Aid folder (you copy and not move as if you move it thendelete the file on the computer MegaSync will delete the file from Mega, well that’s how it worked years ago so I assume it’s still the same and just keep doing it that way). I think my favourite thing about the OZC versions is the fact that they don’t bother with CRC, the code in filename that’s 8 digits long usually inside [ ], I get why it’s the norm but it’s a pain when you have to do a batch of 46 files (the amount in the OZC torrent) and then put all those files through a CRC checker then copy and paste all of those codes to each file individally (maybe there is a program out there thaat does that automatically, I haven’t checked but if there was you’d still have to remove the old code from all the files).


Anyway I’ve rambled enough, I only really made this edit as I wanted to say that everything should be fine but due to how I’m doing it there is always a slim possibility that some mistakes could slip through so if I miss them let me know 😄